Sunday, December 30, 2007

Parker Ranch is Topsy Turvy

The Parker Ranch is a beautiful ranch in the Texas Hill country. It is a peaceful ranch resting in the granite hills between Burnet and Lake Buchanan. The gate is most impressive, showing a cowboy at prayer. The Parker Ranch is as scenic and as 'Texan' as you can find anywhere in the Lone Star State. Only, there seems to be a small problem with this serene setting -- the Parkers fly their Texas Flag upside down! When notified, our Central Texas agent went out to the ranch. He tried to get past the gate to alert the Parkers of their transgression, but was unsuccessful. A notice was placed on the gate and we hope that it gets to the Parkers so they can get their flag 'flyin' right'.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Texas Rancher Squats on His Own Spurs

Our Southeast Texas Agent recently came across a real classic. This ranch sits near the borders of Grimes and Waller Counties -- right in the heart of what was once the Stephen F. Austin Colony. It is only a few miles from Washington-on-the-Brazos, the cradle of Texas liberty. No doubt, great Texians such as Stephen F. Austin, Ben Milam, Jim Bowie and even General Sam Houston crossed the lands of what is now the ABKE Ranch.
The owners of the ABKE Ranch are no doubt proud of their Texas heritage and want to show the world that they are Texans to the core. The entry to the ranch is a large gateway that proudly displays the shape of The Lone Star State with an imposed Texas flag design (see photo). The only problem is that the ranchers painted the Texas Flag upside down. Shame, shame on the ABKE Ranch.